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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Knitting to music

I didn't expect to get much, if any, knitting done today as I knew I would be busy at work and that we were going to a concert this evening. Funny how things work out though, I managed to sneak in some knitting at lunch time which was a surprise as I hadn't thought I would have time to eat my lunch, let alone get the needles out.
This evening we went to a concert at which my partner's nephew, James, was performing; he is due to take his Grade 8 violin next week and tonight's performance will also count towards his A level music.
Well, I took my knitting and knitted through a whole ball of wool during the first half. I hadn't taken another ball with me so I spent the second half fidgetting and cursing the hardness of the pews - not being a church-goer I hadn't realised there wouldn't be cushions to sit on. Anyway, James played very well and got the biggest round of applause. There were some very talented kids playing everything from Debussy and Kabalevsky to Herbie Hancock and Andrew Lloyd-Webber - all-in-all a very successful evening.
I would have posted a picture of tonight's knitting but I can't find a space that isn't covered in junk in which to take the photo, so you'll just have to wait! I plucked up the courage to use the disgusting green double-pointed needles and started the "Lucy" bag; the nice thing about thick wool and fat needles is the speed at which it grows - perfect for the impatient sort like me. This means I now have 4 projects on the needles at present so I think I'll have to put myself in the naughty cupboard for a while to ponder my actions! (or maybe I'll just go to bed - night-night.)


  • hi Annie,
    thaks for posring replies to my comment! I'm amazed at the quality of colour you got from just food colouring. Are there not some knitted chairs and other furniture in that Crafts Council exhibition? I thought that might be where you got the idea.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:27 pm  

  • I was just thinking about buying some yarn for a new pattern I liked your comment about'the naughty cupboard' I feel guilty when buying knitting stuff when it is meant to go to other things. Have to feed my knitting addiction!

    By Blogger Squiffy Knits, at 11:28 pm  

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