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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Excuse me

While I have a "proud mum" moment.
August is a tense time for many teenagers around the country as they anxiously await their exam results. The Creek household has been holding its breath for weeks now but at last we can all finally exhale.
Lucy sat her AS levels and one GCSE retake, achieving C for Art, B for Communications and A for Media, with a C for Maths GCSE (Huge sighs of relief all round).
Bethany sat GCSEs and got:
C for I.T, D for Psychology (but she doesn't care about that one, so there!), B for R.E, B for Maths, B for Double Science, A for Art, A for Media, A for English (Lang & Lit) and A* for French.
Hooray! Well done girls, I am very proud of you and have had to keep the tissues handy all day!
There will be much rejoicing over the weekend with exams well and truly forgotten (until next year...)

PS Hope it all went well for all the other examinees this year and that you can all carry on with your plans.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Ooops! I did it again

Left far too long between postings, that is.
Well, I've been knitting socks (you can take that as read really for the next few months as there will constantly be a sock on my needles for the forseeable future) and mooching around at home as I have two weeks leave.
We went to Rye last Thursday, for a change of scenery and a bit of history. It is a charming town with lots of mediaeval buildings, including one that describes itself as the New House because it was rebuilt in 1490!

This is a view up one of the streets that leads from the old harbour area into the town, very steep and very cobbled (and just vacated by a coachload of German teenagers who seemed more interested in causing obstructions than observing their surroundings - yes, I'm a hypocrite; I love being a tourist, but hate other tourists!).
We waited patiently outside the church for the clock to strike the hour, expecting to see the figures at the top of the tower perform their actions, but there was one little chime and that was it!

On Saturday we went to Winchester, another important historical city and the home of one of Simon's (OH) best friends. (Also home of King Alfred the Great, of burnt cakes fame, and capital of Wessex).
We visited Winchester College which is the oldest Public school in England ("Public" in this instance meaning private, fee-paying school, a term designed to confuse and confound everyone denied that sort of education!). No photos unfortunately because
a) the weather was absolute pants - chucking it down with rain all day so visibility was reduced to the end of one's nose,
b) I forgot to take the camera.
We did plenty of eating and drinking so the weather did not dampen our spirits entirely.

Simon had to go back to work today but I still have another week off which I intend to fill with fibre-related activities... so far this has meant browsing lots of yarn/fibre shops on the internet and daydreaming about all the things I could do if only I had the time. The fact that a great deal more would get done if I dragged myself away from the computer is not entirely lost on me, but has yet to translate into any kind of positive action. Maybe later ...

There has been some culinary action this afternoon, mainly brought on by the fact that I had a whole bunch of bananas that were far too ripe to be eaten as they were. (I loathe over-ripe bananas and much prefer them with a slight tinge of green on the skin).
Cue: banana and choc-chip muffins

That lot turned out fine (although I haven't actually tasted them ... yet) but this lot:

Oh dear!
I think there may be some of the mixture burnt onto the oven floor as well.
I'm obviously out of practice with the old home-made cakes mullarkey, preferring these days to buy mini muffins ready made at Sainsbury's, to be scoffed at my leisure!
Right, off now for a tasting session ... I'll let you know!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

So lazy

that I haven't posted for almost a fortnight.
Well, nothing much going on around the Creek apart from the never-ending sock marathon - as well as the eight (yes, eight!) pairs of plain knee-high socks, there is at least one or two (maybe three) other pairs in the pipeline. No pictures yet as they're a bit secret.

So the Creek has been very quiet the last couple of weeks but the same cannot be said for my brother's household - we all thought they were going to the Isle of Wight on holiday but it appears that plans were afoot (and had been for sometime) for something altogether much more momentous:

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I am so happy for them both and am overjoyed to have Sandy as my sister-in-law. When Michael phoned to tell me the news, I was so surprised and delighted that I burst into tears and was incoherent for quite a while afterwards. I hope anyone reading this will join me in wishing them every happiness together, now and always.

Well, after all this excitement, I need to have a lie down in a darkened room for a while so I'll leave you with this; I have always wondered what cats got up to when their humans were out of sight ... wonder no more: