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Sunday, October 07, 2007


The MSP* continues, 5 pairs down, 2 and a bit to go.
The other project that I have been working on has been put on hold for reasons that I'm not going into here; suffice it to say that if people give me their word, I expect them to keep it.

I have been spending far too much time on Ravelry which is huge fun but a terrible distraction from actual knitting.
Lucy dragged me away from the computer yesterday in order to visit Kingston University which is somewhere that she is considering for next year, "A" level results permitting.
We went on the train (less than 2 hours, which is good) so I was able to indulge in some train-knitting which I haven't done for ages. We were quite impressed with the university, the facilities seem good and the staff were all knowledgeable and friendly. Other plus points included student accommodation which is bigger and better than Lucy has at home, very tasty biscuits during the "meet and greet" part, close proximity to London and beer that is only £1.50 per pint in the student bar on Saturdays.
We also looked around Kingston town centre and were quite impressed with the wide variety of shops and cafes etc. The riverside setting makes for a very pleasant place to spend time so I would not be unhappy if Lucy eventually decides to go to Uni there.

We are also due to visit Middlesex Uni in about three weeks, so no decision will be made until then. Sadly, no knitting will take place on that journey as I will be driving :(

Today, Simon and I went to the South of England showground for an Autumn Show and Game Fair. We saw some very cute bunnies and even cuter guinea pigs ( I love guinea pigs but don't think Her Royal Mollieness would approve if I brought one home with me). We ate far too much and saw more pairs of patterned wellies in one day than I thought possible. I also finally bought a pair of pale pink ankle boots which I have lusted after for years, ever since seeing some at Heathrow Airport seconds before our flight was called. I would post a picture but that would mean getting up off my fat a**e, finding the camera etc, etc, it's easier to find one on the web:

Not a brilliant pic but you get the general idea

So there you have it, not particularly exciting, not really very fibrey or knittingy (unless you count the quick visit to John Lewis Kingston's yarn dept) but a little true-to-life glimpse into my world.

* Mammoth Sock Project


  • That's a coincidence I was in Kingston too yesterday! And had a little nip into JL yarn dept. Hope the Middlesex university visit goes well too.

    By Blogger Heather, at 8:36 pm  

  • Very fine boots, I once had a boyfriend at Middlesex (it was a Poly then), a very long time ago!

    By Blogger Poshyarns, at 5:25 pm  

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