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Friday, March 18, 2005


I had a bit of a gap at work today so naturally I decided to do some knitting; so there I was, sitting in my car on the esplanade, listening to Radio 2, knitting away happily on the "Lucy" bag, when disaster struck - my lovely Denise Interchangeable Needles snapped without warning. When I had rescued the dropped stitches and stopped swearing I saw that one of the little connectors that goes between the cord and the needle had sheared off right at the point that it goes into the cord. It can't be fixed, even superglue wouldn't be strong enough, but I am hopeful that it can be replaced. I have e-mailed the company that makes the needles and am anxiously awaiting their response.
I had to stop work on the bag and did a few rows on Clapotis instead so all was not lost. The bag is coming on nicely (I used another cord from the needle set when I got home) and I hope to have it knitted and felted by Sunday !
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This is a preview of the Lucy bag so far.
The wool is Jaeger extra-fine merino chunky and is beautifully soft. I felted a sample before starting the bag and it has come out really dense and firm with the colours really well blended. When the bag is complete, I'm going to knit and felt some flowers to stitch onto the front just to make it a bit more girly.
Following on from the success of dyeing yarn, I have another dyeing project to do tomorrow - namely my younger daughter's hair. Bethany, who is 14, has lovely golden hair but she hates it and would like to permanently dye it jet black. I think that's a bit drastic so we've compromised on a dark browny-red semi-permanent just to see what it looks like - there may be photos here tomorrow if I'm allowed to take pictures of the finished article!
Talking of finished articles, I was hoping to post a photo of Lucy's finished wrap-over cardi but very selfishly she decided to wear it tonight! She has gone to stay at her friend's house because friend's mum is away. It's probably best that I don't have any more details than that, my imagination is fertile enough as it is!
P.S. Thanks to Bethany for helping this poor old creature to work out how to post photos within the text, and also explaining about Kurt Cobain's murder/suicide.


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