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Monday, March 21, 2005

Guru no more

I shouldn't have bragged about being a knitting guru - I made a complete and utter hash of the handles on the "Lucy" bag. I didn't realise, until I had painstakingly grafted the handles together and was getting ready to chuck it in the washing machine for felting, that I had joined the handles to the wrong stumps!
Why don't I read the instructions properly?
Why do I think I can just skim the instructions and busk?
Why do I assume that I know what I'm doing when it is quite obvious that I don't?
Anyway, the problem has been rectified and the bag is in the washing machine as I write, along with the towels used for dyeing not one, but two daughters' hair. The results on the hair are fine (both have ditched their normal fair/golden locks for something dark, red and mysterious) but it remains to be seen how the bag turns out.
Lucy and I ventured into town this afternoon to get hair dye and had our ear-drums assaulted by an infernal din! I am all for people busking and providing a little entertainment on an otherwise grey dull day, but I prefer them to be able to play! There was a clarinettist positioned opposite the shops we were in who was attempting to play.... well, I'm not sure what, it was unrecognisable. I think I've heard nicer sounds coming from a labour ward, or a cow-shed!
I shouldn't be too critical I suppose - I got my violin out yesterday after a rather long gap and I don't think I would have impressed anyone with the noises I was making.
I think I'll stick to knitting.


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