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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

*Happy Birthday Mum*

[This is Lucy & Bethany, and seeing as we have college and school tomorrow when it is actually her birthday, we're doing a special birthday update for mum, today.]

What with Bethany and I being mum's daughters, we think she is a wonderful mum, but when it actually comes to writing about her, it is actually more difficult than you might think.
Whilst we don't always agree on certain things, we are all still very close.
Without wanting to sound full of ourselves or anything, we think mum has done a very good job raising us. She has taught us to be open-minded, individual and to excel in the things we enjoy.
We know that the vast majority of daughters will say that their mums are the best, but for us, we think it is actually true; our mum is caring, thoughtful, generous, understanding, kind, a bit untidy [in a good way], a wonderful cook, fabulous knitter [of course!] and an overall amazing mother.

Happy Birthday Mum, we love you to bits.

Lucy & Bethany

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[L-R: Lucy, Mum, Bethany]


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