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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Today is the first day of my Easter holiday so I put it to very good use. The "Lucy" bag is now completely finished, including felting, embroidery and applique, plaited extra section added to the handle and a fabric lining complete with pockets for pens and mobile phones (yes, phones plural; I have one for work and one of my very own with pictures and photos and real music which I hardly ever use)
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I'm very pleased with the way it has turned out although the handles shrank much more during felting than I anticipated, hence the plaited extra section.
The wrap-over cardigan I knitted for Lucy has undergone a slight alteration - Lucy decided she didn't want it to tie around her waist as she liked wearing it undone. If I'd attached the ties as suggested in the instructions, she would have had 3 feet of tie trailing along after her so I undid several yards of the original tie and put buttonholes in each end so that she can wear it undone or wrap it around and hold it with buttons. I can't describe how I felt undoing the work that had taken so long to do - the tie was 98 inches long, all done in moss stitch.
On another tack entirely, I spent a long time today on the internet trying to find out train times and prices for a proposed visit to London (to the V & A and the Knit2together exhibition at the Craft Council). I found trains for tomorrow leaving from our local station, at a cost of £17.90 each. I then thought I would see how much I could save by driving to a station further up the line - cost each? over £25.00. I then decided to try for next Tuesday, again from our local station - in the intervening 15 minutes or so the cost had miraculously increased to £31.50 each on a train leaving at exactly the same time! Bring back British Rail - at least you knew how much the tickets were and that the train would be late, full and with no facilities except cardboard sandwiches and tasteless coffee!


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