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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Taking photos

It's such a nice day today I thought I would go into the garden and take some photos of my knitting.
I took about a dozen pictures of things I've knitted over the last couple of years and have saved them to an online gallery. I have tried to put a link on this page, and although it appeared on the "preview" page, it hasn't shown up on the actual page yet.Maybe tomorrow it will have miraculously appeared.
There are quite few things that aren't in the gallery, either because I haven't got them (in the case of presents) or because certain people - ahem, Lucy! - are not being very co-operative. In addition to the items in the gallery (should you ever be able to see it) I have also knitted: a mohair shawl for my mum, matching socks and tie for my dad, a furry black and white jumper for Bethany, a neck-warmer for Bethany, a 3-ply lace shawl for Simon's niece and her new baby Matthew, a scarf for Lucy, a sleeveless button-through top for me (which I have lost), a school jumper for Lucy which she no longer wears as Year 11s are exempt from uniform, a red eyelash yarn scarf for Sandy (my brother's girlfriend), a pink/beige/lavender eyelash yarn scarf for a friend at work, two hats for Bethany and two domino-knitted cardigans for a knitwear designer (for which I got paid!!!). I am more prolific than I realised.
You may have noticed that the one person who doesn't feature in this list is Simon, my tolerant partner.
In the past I have knitted him a traditional guernsey (knitted in the round) and another cabled sweater, neither of which he ever wears because he says this country never gets cold enough. He says if we ever go back to Prague, I will have to knit him another sweater because it does get cold enough there in winter.
Hmmmmmm, Prague (my favourite city) and knitting (my favourite pastime) ......... that's a heady combination - I feel a daydream coming on!


  • You sound like you are a speedy knitter - any tips for those slow coaches like me?

    (putting Squiffy out the room is a start - as he is usually chewing on my yarn!)

    By Blogger Squiffy Knits, at 9:22 pm  

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