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Monday, November 28, 2005

That Monday feeling...............

After another weekend where I failed to achieve everything I wanted to achieve (this is not unusual, my plans are too ambitious) the week has started very badly. Three lamps are now without bulbs/fuses and we don't have the right spares until I can get to a shop - the fuse is going to be tricky as it's a very unusual fuse, apparently. This means that I have to confine my knitting to daylight which is in rather short supply at the moment. As if this wasn't bad enough, my car wouldn't start this morning. I've had the car for nearly three years and it has never refused to start, even in last week's very cold temperatures. The chap from Britannia Rescue (who arrived within 20 mins!!!) said that the starter motor is failing to engage so he bump started me and I drove to the local garage, who have said they'll "have a look and try to get it fixed today". The net result is that my visits for today must all be cancelled and rearranged and I have to hang around waiting for that phone call - y'know the one I mean - where they say "Well, we know what the problem is and we can have it fixed by three weeks next Tuesday, but I'm afraid it'll cost you", so I gulp and say weakly, "How much?" and they reply "about £16 for the part, plus labour, making a total of £6 million pounds. We don't take American Express by the way".
I HATE Mondays.


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