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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hangovers and stuff

Last Thursday was our work Christmas "do". It was a lunchtime thing with the table booked for one o'clock and I still can't understand why I didn't get home till 10.30pm. I have no recollection at all of going from the restaurant to the pub, although I do remember being in the pub. The overall impression was of a thoroughly enjoyable time so I can only hope that the memories return and don't hold any nasty surprises.
Friday seemed an unbelievably long day and I was very glad to get home at the end of it.
Saturday - our telly packed up (well, actually it packed up a few days before, but it was confirmed on Saturday) and the replacement rental set would not fit in the only place we have for a telly so we sent it back. We have a small portable which we are using as a temporary measure until the proper replacement arrives (more of this later).
It was OH's Christmas "do" on Saturday night - a dinner dance at a hotel just outside Chichester. As that's 45 miles from home we decided to stay the night and make a mini weekend of it. It all went well although the DJ didn't play a single Christmas song! Wot! No Slade! Hmph, can't really be Christmas then. On Sunday we decided to look for a new TV as well as doing a bit of Christmas shopping so on our way back eastwards we stopped in just about every electrical store known to man. The TVs that would fit and that we could afford were very few and far between and were all out of stock. There is apparently a nationwide shortage of 26" LCD TVs at present according to Curry's, Dixons, Comet, Asda et al. Strange, then, that when we got home I was able to order one straight away over the Weird Wonderful Web. Fingers crossed it's being delivered next Thursday, just in time for the televisual treat we are promised this festive season.

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This is my size 6 foot (in a slipper) next to a rather alarming piece of knitting that I have just completed. The pattern (felted clogs from Fiber Trends) assures me that they will felt down to the right size but I have to say, I'm quite nervous about the finished result. They are in the washing machine as I write this so stay tuned for the next gripping instalment. If successful, they are destined for a Christmas pressie, but don't tell anyone, it's meant to be a secret!


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