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Thursday, January 05, 2006


As promised, the aran chair cover in all its glory:

I'm so relieved to have finished this as it has been a WIP since last January and I was really sick of the sight of it. I think it was worth the slog though.
Before we took the Christmas decorations down, I had to take a snap of Fat Fairy

She has been a fixture on our tree for the past ten years and every time I suggest that we get something a little more glamorous or less home-spun, I am shouted down vehemently. She was knitted from a Jean Greenhowe pattern in some cheapy acrylic and is actually quite heavy - the top of the tree tends to droop as soon as she takes up residence so some tricky manoeuvring is required.
We had a lovely Christmas with my parents in Leicester - no snow on the day, but we did get enough on Tuesday for the girls to have a snowball fight in the garden; there is video evidence of this fight and the teeny weeny snowman made by Bethany:

Aaaaaawwww! how sweet!

My knitting resolutions for 2006 are:
  • to try and have no more than 3 WIPs at a time
  • to try more multi-colour knitting (intarsia or fair-isle, I'm not bothered which)
  • to knit something for OH and possibly my brother, who has not had anything hand-knitted for him since he was about 10
  • to be more adventurous by either designing my own patterns from scratch or adapting ready-made patterns
  • to knit something really fabulous that will become a family heirloom (any suggestions?)

That's enough for now, Happy New Year.


  • Wow - that chair cover is amazing! Quite an achievement I'd say. Cute fairy too. ;-) Happy New Year!

    By Blogger Steph, at 9:17 pm  

  • Love that fat fairy... oh, and those resolutions are great. Hope they work out.

    Thanks for comment too!

    By Anonymous jess, at 5:14 pm  

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