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Sunday, September 03, 2006

A few little changes

I have added a map and a chat-room type thingy just to see if it works so I would be very happy if anyone who reads this drivel would put themselves on the map and try chatting. I think you probably have to sign up for Frappr to do so, but it seems pretty straightforward. I thought the chat-thing was more immediate than comments and more likely to elicit a response!

We went to the BBQ last Sunday and had a really nice time - I met up with a couple of friends whom I haven't seen for aaaaaages so it was great to be able to catch up on the last few years.
Both these ladies were friends back in the days when I was still married, and despite promises not to take sides etc etc, we just drifted apart. Last week we chatted away as if we'd never been apart so I'm hopeful that our friendships can be rekindled - there's already talk of cinema/meal/gossip sessions!
I took my "unbiased" bag along to the BBQ and as a consequence, have orders for at least two more. I got some more sari silk on Ebay and decided to wash it before attempting to wind it into balls and start knitting - of course, it's raining today so have to wait for it to dry (booooooooooooring). This lot appears to be even more tightly spun than the last lot and is trying to twist back on itself so I think it will prove tricky to knit with. The washing doesn't appear to have helped much with the twisting - any of you spinners out there got any suggestions?
Both girls came to the BBQ as well but I don't think Bethany enjoyed herself much - let's just say that she won't be touching alcohol again for the forseeable future!

It's funny how things work out - having just re-acquainted myself with two old friends, I have to say goodbye to a fairly recent friend. One of my colleagues has just got a new job in London and will be moving up there shortly. He has worked his last day with us so we went out on Friday night to wish him luck in his new venture. Usually, "a night out with friends from work" is a euphemism for a pub-crawl but we were very good this time. OK, we started in a pub, but instead of trying to find somewhere sophisticated for champagne cocktails and tasteful little nibbles we ended up in an Indian restaurant called River Spice. I don't agree with the first review in the link - the food was very good and the service was pretty good too, although they did forget two portions of pilau rice initially.
Anyway, Philip had a good send-off and we will all miss him (and his wonderfully dry humour) a great deal.

Knitting.... aaah yes............knitting um, well, you see, it's like this....... I haven't really done much this week (no, really? You don't say!!). Lucy's shrug is about halfway done now but had to put to one side for an urgent commission from OH. He was given free tickets to the Goodwood Revival on Friday and wanted to go (as people are encouraged to do) dressed in period clothes. Well, he found a trilby and suitable shoes etc etc but needed a tie. "A knitted tie would be just right" I said (opening mouth and inserting foot) "There's a pattern in that old book of my Granny's".
The pattern was duly approved as suitable and I set to work - fine wool and finer needles. After about two inches, I realised that it was far too wide for a 1950s style tie so frogged and started again. Trouble is the tie had to be about 44 inches long and I only had four nights to knit it. After the first night I had only managed about 6 inches but I persevered. It was knitted double (knit 1 slip 1 across every row to produce a double-thickness fabric) and I just couldn't knit quickly enough. I admitted defeat after two nights and OH found a rather ghastly paisley number instead. The knitted tie has been put to one side for now, but will be finished eventually, maybe in time for next year's Revival!

Come and chat with me now, please!


  • Only have a second to comment right now, but will check in later to see if I can figure out the chat-feature. How cool!!! I had a brief and unsuccessful experience with sari silk on the spinning wheel and ended up giving it away in frustration. It just kept getting caught up the hooks on the flyer and I became, shall we say, "grumpy." Good luck! I love the look of the finished yarn!

    By Blogger Sheepish Annie, at 3:43 pm  

  • A little cut-and-paste, from a site called 'The joy of handspinning':

    "Setting the twist is a method for relaxing over-twisted, curling singles, and unbalanced plied yarns. The simplest way to set the twist is to soak the yarn in warm water. After you remove the skein from the water, roll the skein in a large towel and squeeze out the excess water. Let the skein hanging freely from your hand to test its balance. If it doesn't twist around itself or at least very little, it is a balanced yarn. This yarn will be best used for knitting. If there is still a considerable amount of twist, hang the skein to dry with a little tension applied, like a small weight. Be sure not to apply to much weight that will over stretch and damage the yarn. To note, adding tension will straighten the skein, and also remove some of the loft and elasticity. Tensioned yarns are ideal for yarns designed for weaving. Therefore, it is important to consider how the yarn will be used when deciding what method to use for setting in the twist."

    Hope it works for you. Good luck!

    By Blogger Danielle, at 1:30 pm  

  • Danielle, I don't know how else to get in touch so just hope you read this. Thank you very much for your comments - I have tried washing and then hanging the skeins up to dry with a small weight, but there is still a LOT of twist. Maybe I can untwist it a little when winding into balls. Thanks anyway.

    By Blogger Annie, at 8:59 pm  

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