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Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Mum

Today, 3rd February, is one of the most important days in my personal calendar because it is my mum's birthday. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to speak to her today so her Happy Birthday wishes will be a bit belated but no less heartfelt for all that.
I wasn't supposed to be getting her a present because my brother and I bought a new TV for Mum and Dad as a combined birthday/Christmas present, but I wanted her to have something to unwrap on the day:
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This was whizzed up on the machine using some very fine merino wool which was originally intended for something else that I've forgotten. It's lovely and soft and very delicate and probably includes a few cat hairs as Mollie insisted on sitting on it as soon as I'd finished blocking it - it all adds to the character.
I don't get to see my parents very often as they live 176 miles away but I think about them a lot and they are both still a very important part of my life.
Before I started writing this post, I had all sorts of phrases in mind about the things I wanted to say about my mum, about how she has always been supportive and encouraging, even when I know I've let them down; her patience (especially when I was first learning the violin!), her common sense, her passing on of knowledge and skills (especially knitting and cooking) - you get the picture, there's lots I could say but it all seems a bit inadequate somehow, so I'll just say this:

Happy Birthday Mum, I love you x x x
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Mum aged 22


  • Happy Birthday to your Mum, too. That scarf looks yummy!

    By Blogger Kate, at 12:36 am  

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