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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You may be forgiven....

....... for thinking that I had forgotten about this blog, but that is definitely not the case. I just haven't got anything to show at the moment. I was hoping to have the frou-frou cardi finished by now, but those ridiculous frills take forever to knit - I remember now why I've always avoided fisherman's rib, it doesn't grow! Hopefully by the weekend, there will be a finished frou-frou to be photograhed and displayed - whether it will be worn or not is another matter.
I have just bought some black and off-white wool to knit a bag for Lucy, which I am itching to start, so there is extra motivation to get the frou-frou finished. It's so close to being finished that I daren't stop now in case I never pick it up again. I'm not very good at being faithful to one project at a time, in fact I'm suprised I haven't been arrested for committing multiple knitting bigamy. Tut,tut, what would my mother say?
Short post tonight, I need to be knitting, not blogging about it.
*wanders off, muttering "knitting is not a virtual hobby, it really does exist"*


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