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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Belated update

So much for my resolution to update more regularly!
Not much knitting to show - the rockstar cardi has just reached the armhole shaping on the back so doesn't merit a photo yet; I have also jumped rather late on to the bandwagon and started a pair of Jaywalkers in some Cherry Tree Hill supersock merino - this yarn is a joy to use, so soft and it knits up really evenly. The first sock is just past the heel so again, not much to show.

A belated Happy Mother's Day to all you mums out there. I had a book from the girls - Sarah Waters' "The Night Watch" which I had been reading in Waterstone's recently but hadn't quite got round to buying. I haven't started it yet as I am still reading "Saturday" by Ian MacEwen.
My Mum received this:
Image hosting by Photobucket along with a bouquet of flowers which were apparently beautiful (that's the trouble with ordering flowers on-line or by Interflora, you never get to see exactly what you've sent). We also went out for Sunday Lunch, to a favourite place of mine called Birling Gap; unfortunately the weather was so foggy and miserable, as well as windy, that we were unable to go down to the beach afterwards
Image hosting by Photobucket
(photo courtesy of Freefoto.com ).

Three other items of news:

  1. I have to have an X-ray on my hip (it's been painful for several months now and isn't getting better on its own).
  2. I have had a picture accepted on to the V&A website! Check it out - yes, it's the DACC (damned Aran chair cover).
  3. My brother and his partner have both started their own blogs - very different but worth a look - Michael's and Sandy's


  • Hi Anne,

    Thanks for the mention of my blog. Very Kind of you. Hope your hip is better soon.

    Love the Arran chair cover. It looks really good. And congratulations on getting your pic published. Well done. Good job.


    By Blogger Minx, at 6:18 pm  

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