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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Progress (or lack thereof.........)

There hasn't been much - the Sunrise Circle jacket is not quite back to the point at which it was frogged, but should be in the next couple of days, if I'm not side-tracked by a little project which is potentially quite urgent (can't say too much yet as if it happens it will be a surprise). I also have a request from Bethany to knit a "thing". After a bit of interrogation, it turns out that the "thing" in question is actually part of a costume that she would like to wear to a fancy dress party. Closer questioning revealed that said "thing" needs to be "a kind of knitted tube in soft fluffy stuff in a nice colour that I can wear over another top". I have some soft fluffy machine yarn, that my machine doesn't like, in a nice shade of blue that will do just nicely, I think. If I knit it in rib, it will be fairly self-supporting and the size will not be too critical (or the knitting too complicated - maybe Bethany could even knit it herself!!).

I was having a mosey round some American sites the other day and was bemoaning (to myself, as no-one else here is interested) the fact that Knit-Picks do not ship to the UK, and there is stuff on the website that I would like to try. This started off a more generalised moan about the lack of choice we have here compared to the wonderful array of fibres and colours available in the US; a little later I got an e-mail newsletter from Kaleidoscope Yarns advertising special prices for Colinette yarn - these special prices appear to be about double what I just paid for my latest Colinette purchase, so I stopped moaning! I love the Colinette website and spend many happy hours just drooling over the colours, daydreaming about all the gorgeous clothes I'm going to design one day.

Just had a slight disaster in the kitchen: I managed to knock a container full of assorted sprouty things (lentils, chick peas, mung beans and aduki beans) all over the floor when I was putting away the shopping. I had been looking forward to a crunchy sprouty salad for lunch but the best I can hope for now is a forest of plants growing under the fridge where we didn't manage to get all the little escapees!


  • Bet you get pretty good prices on Rowan as well! But I agree with you on KnitPicks shipping...it seems a bit unfair. Congratulations on your new refigerator garden...what an ingenius use of space!

    By Blogger Sheepish Annie, at 10:17 pm  

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