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Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Big Knit-In

I should have blogged about this earlier, but I kind of forgot, so here it is better late then never.
Click here for the official info and eventually piccies from this year's event.
Unfortunately, being a total dork I was thinking about knitterly things so I forgot to take my camera - you'll have to rely on a non-visual description.
The girls spent most of the day attending to Bethany's dreads, putting the final touches to the wild and woolly creation springing forth from her cranium, but did take time out to eat a good chicken wrap from the BBQ and to look around the degree shows by the photography, textiles, fashion and knitting students - very innovative stuff going on there; I wish I could do one of those courses.(Bethany also knitted a few rows on an octopus's tentacle, but Lucy has resisted all attempts and pleadings to learn how to knit).
I showed a friend how to do hairpin lace and she showed me how to knit with wire - I have tried before, but the wire I used was just too stiff. This time we were using pure silver wire and it is much easier to manipulate. Thanks, Joan. We also entered the heats for the fastest knitter - I managed 117 sts in 3 minutes but the woman who won had knitted 141 sts! She was knitting continental style and afterwards I asked her to show me how to do it. Thanks, Marianne. I think it will be when hell freezes over a very long time before I can work up any speed using this method, but I'm really pleased that I know how to do it. I had figured out the knit stitch some time ago but just couldn't get to grips with the purl. Next I'll have to work out yarn-overs and k2tog etc. It feels really weird to be a beginner knitter again and it's quite frustrating that I can't (yet) manage to produce a nice even-tensioned knitted fabric.
I resisted the temptation to buy yet more yarn, despite Laughing Hens' blatant and despicable attempts to seduce me with Colinette, Noro and Rooster yarns. I have enough projects lined up to see me through to Christmas, not including any knitted gifts I may make, so increasing the stash would just make me completely lose the few remaining marbles I still have.
The weather stayed warm and dry, the music was good, the food plentiful and the company of like-minded friends very relaxing; all-in-all a great day out.

A friend at work has asked me to make a shrug for her daughter to wear at the school prom, so I had to go into the LYS yesterday to pick the yarn and pattern (didn't buy anything for myself - how good am I??). She chose a gun-metal ladder yarn and a simple tie-front design which IMHO will look stunning with the scarlet strapless dress and silvery shoes. My own beloved #1 daughter refused to go to her prom last year, thereby denying me the chance to get all gooey and indulgent over ball gowns, pretty bags, limos etc etc. Whether beloved #2 daughter will choose to go next year, we shall have to wait and see. If she does go, I don't think there is any danger of her wearing a conventional ball gown, more likely to be something composed of recycled t-shirts, netting and a few laces to hold it all together - she doesn't really do conventional. (Speaking of which, the dreadlocks had to go as she risked being suspended from school. This has led to much sighing and bemoaning of how "lame" the school is and a new, shorter, haircut which actually looks very good).
Enough blogging, I should be knitting.


  • Sounds like a great time! Sorry to hear about the dreadlocks, though...maybe "lame" can be the new "cool?" BTW, I taught myself continental knitting when I decided to take up the craft again a few years ago. It actually ended up increasing my speed. Although you can't really tell from my progress of late...

    By Blogger Sheepish Annie, at 7:53 pm  

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