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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I'm soooo angry! Lucy's school teachers worked hard to ensure that there was as little disruption as possible to the revision programme following the arson attack. The kids were all being taken to a school in Brighton that is about to close, and everyone was trying to make the best of a bad job, but now, thanks to a few mindless numbskulls, Lucy and all her co-students are back at home. They all had to be escorted off the premises by the police because kids from the school in Brighton have been threatening, violent and generally abusive towards "our lot". Half the kids in Brighton never attend their school anyway, so why should they suddenly take umbrage when other people use it? I was so incensed by the whole thing that I sent an e-mail to the local news website. Felt rather stupid when I found out there had already been an article on the local TV news, but at least I vented my spleen.

OK, rant over.
On the knitting front, progress on the Via Diagonale bag has been very slow - I think it's because it uses a slip stitch which seems to compress the rows more closely together. I'm about two-thirds through and quite bored with it now, which means that it is very hard to resist the temptation to start knitting a shrug that Lucy has requested.
Repeat after me "I will not start another project until at least one has been completed; I will not start another project until at least one has been completed"
I also have to start making stuff for the project I have to do on the ExTex course (see Kim's website in the "Stuff I like" list). I have ordered some materials and made a start on one teeny tiny piece but there is a deadline *sighs* I don't like deadlines and usually try to ignore them, but there really is no excuse for not getting on with it....... hmmmmmm.............. "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" is on tonight..............one more night won't make much difference.................tomorrow would be good, maybe the stuff will have arrived..............I feel very tired today, don't want to muck it up...........
See what I mean? Any excuse.........


  • I'm thinking of starting on a Via Diagonale bag. I know you got a little bored with it, and you weren't too impressed with the floppiness, but how was it in terms of technical difficulty? I'm an intermediate beginner, and wondered whether I'd find the project challenging or not?

    P.s. Love the blog!

    By Blogger Noo, at 3:11 pm  

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