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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Long time, no blog

I haven't quite got round to blogging since I
went back to work on Wednesday. I had to move office and although I knew it was coming, I had hoped that if I ignored it (by not packing my stuff up or making any other kind of preparation) it would go away. Anyway, it now takes twice as long (at least) to get to work, there is no car-park on-site, no canteen, and I have to use every scrap of willpower to stop myself heading into the nearest knitting shop. At the old office, temptation was too far away at lunchtimes! On the plus side, I am now back with all my colleagues so we're a proper team once more. I would have blogged last night, but we went to the pub after work.........and.........well............you know how it is!

I picked up the first issue of "Simply knitting" today (that's four knitting magazines I've bought this week - I need help for this addiction) and I was quite impressed. It caters mostly for beginners, but there was enough in it to keep more seasoned knitters happy too. It will be interesting to see whether it can sustain its input over the next few issues. What interested me was a section near the back where the people who work on the magazine were talking about when they learnt to knit - most of them are very recent converts and look under 25. This makes me very pleased because only a few years ago I was beginning to think that I was some kind of fuddy-duddy freak as I was the only person I knew (in my age group) who knitted. It also set me thinking about when I first learnt to knit.
I think I was about 7 or 8 and my mum taught me after we did a bit at school. I never did more than a scarf or things for my teddy at that time, and didn't pick up the needles again until I was about 17. I knitted occasionally over the next few years but it wasn't until I was pregnant with Lucy that I really started knitting in earnest and I finally became obsessed/possessed about 2 years ago.
Reasons I love knitting:
  • I love creating something from scratch
  • unending possibilities of colour and texture (how will I ever find time to knit all the ideas floating in my head?)
  • originality
  • it's a great stress-buster
  • the warm, happy feeling you get when you give someone something you've made specially for them and they love it
  • the sense of achievement when a difficult project turns out better than you hoped

I could probably go on a lot longer but I have no wish to bore you all rigid; besides, there's dinner to cook and knitting to be done!


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