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Sunday, April 10, 2005


Ow! I have blisters and my legs ache. I had forgotten that London is a big place. Distances on a streetmap bear no relation to distances walked. It said "1o-minute walk" from Kings Cross to the Craft Council in Pentonville Road. What it didn't say was that it was all up hill and that there would be a strong, cold, northerly wind trying to blow me down the hill as I walked.
It was worth it though. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed in the gallery but there are some good pictures in the May issue of "Knitting".
I found the whole exhibition very inspiring and I'm glad I made the effort to go. Anyone who thinks of knitting as fuddy-duddy and boring would have to change their opinions after seeing this. I think my favourite piece was Veste Pour Oiseaux Migratures by Marie-Rose Lortet.

After I had finished at the Craft Council, I went to Liberty. I haven't been there for at least 15 years and I was shocked at how small the dress-fabric department has become. I remember going there to look for material to make my wedding dress and being completely overwhelmed by the choice. Now you can get either Tana Lawn or Crepe-de-Chine in Liberty prints or plain colours and that's about it. Very disappointing. In the knitting section though, they sell Rowan patchwork fabrics so I came away happy.
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This is going to be the "Via Diagonale" bag from the new issue of Knitty. The fabric will be the lining of the bag.
I have also started this:
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The Flower Basket shawl from Interweave Knits (autumn/fall 2004), so that's five projects on the go. Variety is the spice of life and two scarves, a shawl, a bag and a chair cover is pretty varied!


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