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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Needlework Festival

This afternoon I went to a Needlework Festival in Lewes. For some reason I had expected it to be a rather amateur affair and thought I would be in and out within half an hour. How wrong I was!
I saw some fabulous things on display: embroidered pictures, hats and headwear, silk paper objects, felted items, blackwork, handbags, knitting of all different kinds (love those little wire-knitted hats, Joan!) and of course, lots of things to tempt me into parting with my money.
I bought some lovely hand-dyed embroidery silks, some hand-dyed merino tops and some other hand-dyed sheep fleece (can't remember which breed, but it's all curly). All this is for my ExTex project, which has been started now.......kind of.............but I'm a bit unsure how to proceed with the next step. Maybe a bit of alcohol will result in inspiration!
When I can find a flat surface in this house that isn't covered in clutter, I will take piccies of the current works-in-progress, but there could be a looooong wait - can you tell that I don't really like housework?

P.S. I forgot to say a big big big thank you to my friend and colleague, Pat, who has very generously donated a big bag of lovely fabrics, many of which will be used in the ExTex project.


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