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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Oh dear! I fully intended to post a blog yesterday as well as tweaking a few bits and pieces on the side bar, but alas! Blogger was being very temperamental last night adn kept coming up with error messages. I tried for about half an hour and then gave up. The UKnitters ring thingy doesn't allow me to click on to the next or previous blog and I couldn't fix that either.
So today will just be a quick blog before I go to work.
I'm about half-way through the Viennese shrug and it's looking good, if I say so myself. It won't be finished in time for the wedding at the weekend unfortunately, so Lucy will just have to shiver!
I made my first attempt at Nuno felting last night and I'm very pleased with the result (although not so impressed with the puddle on the kitchen floor). I now have a muslin scarf with strands of felt attached to it, and the muslin in between the felt has puckered and gathered really nicely. There will be a picture when I have more time. I've also finished a needle-felt lily for my ExTex project - again, pictures to follow.
Must dash now - work is beckoning, worse luck.


  • Glad it wasn't just me having a problem with blogger wednesday night, it makes this techno phobe feel a little less paranoid Thank you

    By Blogger Nickerjac, at 7:16 pm  

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