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Thursday, August 04, 2005

You can't teach an old dog...............

....................new tricks, or so they say, but I have learnt a new trick whilst feeling like a very old dog indeed!
Two socks on one needle is what I've been learning and the evidence is here:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The needles are 2.25mm, 75/80cm (yes, that's exactly what it says on the packet. Surely it should be 75 or 80, not both at once!) Whitecroft circulars - a make I've never heard of. One day, when I've got lots of spare cash (ha ha ha) I will treat myself to Addi turbos in every known size. The whole process of knitting two socks at once would be much easier if:
a) the cord was longer
b) the cord was more flexible.
I have found it quite tricky to keep the stitches even around the point where they divide for each section of the needle - this isn't normally a problem when using dpns - but a longer , more flexible cord would definitely improve things. I will definitely try this method again as it means that second sock syndrome would be a thing of the past, but not until I have nicer needles. The yarn, by the way, is Regia s-t-r-e-t-c-h- colour which I really like because the little bit of stretch gives a very neat fitting sock ( yes, I have been trying them on whilst still on the needles and I have the injuries too!). The colours look as though they are pooling quite badly in the picture but it's not so obvious in real life.

Please indulge me, but here is another picture of my stitch markers; yesterday's picture didn't do them justice (in my humble opinion) so thought I'd have another go:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Not much better, really, but I think you can see the colours more clearly. I haven't used them yet but I think they will come into their own when we get further on in the mystery shawl. Speaking of Mystery Shawls - Kate obviously has far too much time on her hands as she is knitting two mystery shawls. Strictly speaking, only the first one is a real mystery as she will know what's what by the time she does the second, but she's knitting two of them anyway. Now, why don't I find yummy-looking mystery yarn like that - at the bottom of my stash is a load of yucky acrylic stuff in hideous colours (from the days when I was obsessed with knitting Jean Greenhowe toys) and there are virtually no knitting shops round here with bargain bins to poke around in. Our local charity shops are very disappointing too - not even anything worth unpicking.
Enough whingeing - the socks are calling!


  • I love the sock yarn. Very pretty! I'm struggling to get 2.25mm dpns for sock knitting at the moment. They're my preferred size, but seem to be a bit of a rare breed.

    By Blogger Noo, at 4:23 pm  

  • Hi Annie ... this is Rosemarie of www.mytwosticksandsomestring.blogspot.com, responding to your question about the runner pic; it's from a Spanish book, can't remember the name of it but if you scroll further down on my blog, there is another pic of it, with a description of the book which holds the pattern. Email me if you like (should be able to find my email addy in my profile!). All the best, Rosemarie (Buchanan), a Canadian Lace Knitter!

    By Blogger Rosemarie Buchanan, at 5:15 am  

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