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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Almost there

Christmas has crept up on me (again - this happens every year) and I find myself with only one week to go yet several weeks' worth of tasks to be completed before I can relax with a glass (or three) of mulled wine a half a dozen one of my mum's home-made mince pies.
The shopping for presents has been finished although there may be an extra one to get (depends how charitable I'm feeling) which can be got from the supermarket along with the three tons of brussels sprouts. The cards have been written and will be posted tomorrow. The presents will be wrapped tonight (if I can find the vodka bottle before I start). The cake is now decorated:
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The tree is not yet up thanks to a slight oversight on OH's part (no stand to put it on). We are having a smaller tree this year as mum and dad are staying and they will not be able to open out the sofa bed if we use our usual tree. Smaller tree = smaller decorations = smaller angel =
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Pattern here

All (?) that's left to do is: clean the house from top to bottom, make apple pie, make second apple pie as the first was burnt to a cinder after becoming totally engrossed in some trashy TV programme, make mince pies, make custard pie, pick up turkey,go home again to find order confirmation that proves I ordered a turkey, buy enough fruit and vegetables to sink a battleship, return to shop to get the little tiny jar of cranberry sauce that I forgot and queue for 3 hours for the privilege, drive 180 miles (and back) to pick up parents, deliver presents to brother and family, sit in roadworks for three hours on return journey, disentangle cat from sellotape and gift-wrap ribbon, drop Christmas cake whilst transporting it to a "safe" place and finally run off into the sunset, cackling hysterically whilst asking total strangers if they would like me to accompany them on the viola while they sing Christmas Carols!
How about you? Are you ready?


  • How we all survive this season I'll never know. We find reserves of strength we didn't even know about and the extra time to accompany complete strangers on the viola. It's a mystery.

    Good luck with the schedule. If nothing else, you'll have time with family and the cutest of Christmas angels to mark the day!

    By Blogger Sheepish Annie, at 7:10 pm  

  • Your cake is lovely, which reminds me, I forgot about the cake!!! Thank goodness for Tescos. Don't overdo it with all the preparation.

    By Anonymous Lin, at 12:29 pm  

  • Ahhh, the joys of the festive season! Your post makes me feel all warm inside (although that could be the mulled wine!).

    I'm sure everything will be just perfect - and don't forget to make time to relax with your feet up and knit!!

    Also, you've been tagged! Visit my blog to find out more!

    By Blogger Helen, at 10:55 am  

  • What a beautiful cake! I've got our traditional family peanut butter fudge to make tonight . . . Of course, I had to make a quick detour to the store for the butterscotch morsels this morning before work!

    By Blogger Lisa L, at 5:08 pm  

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