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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Six weird things

OK before we get started on that (and don't for one moment think it's going to be worth waiting for), please have a look here. It's obviously at the very early stages but I'm hoping to set it up to sell some of my stuff - garments knitted or crocheted by myself, patterns for some of my designs and maybe a bit of handspun yarn. If anyone else would like to sell through this site, I would be happy to discuss terms etc (my commission will be very reasonable, I promise). Right - advert over, down to business.

Six weird things about me:

THE RULES:Each player of this game starts with the ‘6 weird things about you.’ People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says ‘you are tagged’ in their comments and tell them to read your blog.”

Weird thing #1: Although I am a fully trained classical musician, (3 years' hard graft at a conservatoire, dontcha know!) I hardly ever choose to listen to music. I hear music incidentally (on the car radio, overheard from daughters' rooms, on the TV etc) but it is a very rare occurrence for me to actually pick out a CD and play it. (I thought of this one myself)

Weird thing #2: I have a bad habit (so I'm reliably informed) of stating the obvious - e.g. "Oh! You're wearing a skirt". This is a rare happening as neither daughter wears skirts very often, but it is (apparently) both annoying and weird (Lucy thought of this one)

Weird thing#3: I won't let anyone else read one of my books until I have read it myself. I actually don't think this is weird (a bit selfish, maybe, but not weird). (OH thought of this one)

Weird thing #4: When in the shower, I always do things in the same order, and the last thing is always washing my hair. (I thought of this one - well, who else knows what I do in the shower).

Weird thing #5: Despite being a generally patient and easy-going type of person, I find it very hard to deal with other people who are not well. I run out of sympathy very quickly and often end up being quite terse. Illness at a distance is fine - I can deal with an ill brother nearly 200 miles away (not that he is ill very often) but closer to home and I run out of patience very quickly. (I thought of this one myself too, though I'm not sure I should have admitted to it)

Weird thing #6: My relationship with meat is a bit, well....... weird. I like meat but only in few guises. I don't like roast beef or steak but will happily eat anything made with minced beef. A beef casserole or goulash will find me eating all the vegetables and gravy but giving the meat to OH (very embarrassing when we were in Prague). I love sausages and ham but don't like roast pork. Turkey and chicken is fine as long as I am 100% sure there is no fat on it, but other birds (duck or goose) no way Pedro. (I thought of this one myself too though it is backed up by anyone who has ever had to cook for me).

The people I tag are:
Sussex Yorkie
Knit Tigger
Shazza's Knits

Sorry if you've already done it, or if you don't want to have a go that's fine.


  • How exciting that you're starting an on-line store!!! Best of luck in that endeavor. When you are up and running, I'll update your link on my blog.

    Your 6 weird things are delightfully weird! You didn't mention zombies, though. In fact, neither has anyone else. Am I the only one who is afraid of a zombie take-over????

    By Blogger Sheepish Annie, at 9:24 pm  

  • Your new blog is looking very nice so far. Congrats on moving on and doing it yourself... I'm way to scared!

    I think you sound nicely weird too :)

    By Blogger Helen, at 4:46 pm  

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