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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Not much longer

and it'll all be over for another year.
Life has turned even more hectic in these last few days as I have had to add "personal nurse" to my list of accomplishments. OH (or Simon, as he is more usually known) has had a minor operation resulting in an inch-long open wound to the left of his belly-button which needs to be dressed daily. As the GP's surgery is now closed until Wednesday, this task has fallen to me. I have had to re-learn the aseptic techniques I was taught many years ago when I was training to be a midwife and learn the new skill of packing a wound whilst the patient writhes around in agony. I must confess to enjoying the feeling of power it gives me to stand over another human being whilst wielding the forceps of doom, uttering the words "it wouldn't hurt so much if you kept still - I will have to fetch the restraining ropes!"

I have also perfected the art of small cake making in the style of Dali:
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These are quite categorically the worst-shaped cakes I have ever made
but, really, who cares as long as they taste OK.

Today, I installed Skype on our PC, having bought the software packs for myself, my parents, my brother and the girls when they are at their dad's. My brother, obviously, was the first to install his and has phoned a dozen times since to nag me into installing mine. He clearly has nothing better to do on Christmas Eve than to muck about on his PC - no turkey to stuff, no sprouts to peel, no mince pies to eat make, no last-minute presents to wrap. Well, I am pleased to report that Skype works and works very well. I am going to have to limit the anount of time I spend using it as it could easily become addictive, especially if you use the Sketch Pad facility. Mike (brother) and I spent ages drawing a beautiful Christmas tree complete with baubles and tinsel, but unfortunately, I cannot get it to open in a format suitable for posting on here. You will just have to believe me that it was the most gorgeous tree in the history of the world!

Finally, a seasonal scene from last year at my parents' house:
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Yes, snow. It wasn't on Christmas Day but there was just about enough to make a snowman.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year.


  • Merry Christmas, Annie! Sorry about the added nursing duties, but it sounds like you're making the best of it. :) We're settled in right now for a quiet Christmas Eve and will spend some time with the Sheep Family tomorrow starting bright and early. I'm using this evening to mentally prepare...

    Enjoy the day!

    By Blogger Sheepish Annie, at 1:13 am  

  • Merry Christmas!!! What's one more duty in the life of a woman?!?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:28 pm  

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