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Monday, September 05, 2005

Where does the time go?

I can't believe it's almost a week since I last posted. My original intention when I started this blog was to post almost every day - failed again!

When we got back from my parents' last week, I had two new packages of yarn waiting for me - some Rowan woolcotton in pale pink and some 100% wool aran weight in a denim blue.
The blue aran is for a felted bag that I saw in "Cast On" magazine ('cause I really need another bag - No. 70, by the way). Anyway, I started it on Tuesday, thinking it would be a very quick knit - knitted in the round, 6mm needles, doubled yarn etc - but it is taking forever! I have done all the increasing around the bottom and am now on the straight body of the bag, which has to be about 7", and I keep knitting but it's not growing. I keep telling myself that it will soon be done, then there's a smallish flap and an i-cord strap to do before chucking it in the machine, but, honestly, I think I'm losing the will to live!

The woolcotton will probably be a "Picovoli" t-shirt designed by the fabulous Grumperina. (The pattern is also available through Magknits but I couldn't get the link to work - sorry). I just hope all that lovely waist-shaping doesn't accentuate my waist-shaping (or lack of it)..
The mystery shawl (as seen in previous post) was going to have an added border as I felt it needed a shaped edge as well as a bit more width. I found a suitable pattern in "Lace from the attic" and started knitting. After about a dozen repeats of the pattern, it then occurred to me that I might not have enough yarn to go all the way around the shawl so I frogged. Time for a rethink. "I know", I thought, " I'll just undo the cast off edge and re-do it with a much looser cast off, and then block it into scallops, just like the instructions said! What could be simpler?" What indeed!
I started unpicking the cast off stitches but it was a bit awkward so I just made a tiny little snip with my tiny little ......... sssh, whisper it!..............scissors. What was I thinking? Not only had I snipped the yarn, I had snipped it in the wrong place! When I had recovered from the bout of hysterics, I managed to sort out the mess by tinking back three rows and reknitting. The shawl now has a slightly scalloped edge and is quite a bit larger, having been blocked twice and attacked with a steam iron. All's well that ends well.

It is the time of year when education gets into gear after the holidays - Lucy is starting college on Wednesday, Bethany is back to school today and I must decide whether to sign up for the second year of ExTex. I really want to do it but the course has doubled in price since last year and I don't think I can afford it now - my car needs an MOT, both cars have just been taxed and so far I've spent over £100 on equipment for Lucy's course. It's also her (17th - eek!) birthday next week and we need a new boiler - why do these things always happen at once? Any quick fundraising ideas gratefully received................(no, I'm not shaving my hair off or doing a sponsored parachute jump, thank you.) Up Knit Creek t-shirts, anyone?


  • Is the Mystery Shawl cursed with Scissor disasters?

    I'm so glad the impromptu surgery to your shawl went well and she underwent a full recovery. When do we get the pictures?

    By Blogger C x, at 12:56 am  

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